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S2Ep19 Vs The Dream Job -- The Chuck Series Companion

This Episode of the Chuck Series Companion covers Season Two Episode Nineteen of the Television Series Chuck, Chuck Versus the Dream Job - Watch the Episode, Listen to the Show! - Subscribe on iTunes!

S2Ep19 Vs The Dream Job

Chuck Versus The Dream Job

"Oh boy," indeed. At long last Chuck has found his missing Father and now that he's right in front of him, he doesn't know quite how to feel. He began searching for his Dad when Ellie wished to have him walk her down the aisle for her soon to be wedding and now the mission has been accomplished -- thanks to Sarah. When Chuck asks his Dad to please come to the wedding, Stephen Bartowski (Scott Bakula) says that he doesn't think Ellie would really want him there and Chuck let's out his hurt feelings, "You've already shown me what you can't do!" Ouch, but Stephen understands, a long time ago, he walked out on his children to let them fend for themselves which seems unfathomable. When I hear that I ask myself, how old was Ellie when this happened? How old was Chuck? How could they have possibly survived on their own? Somehow they did, thanks to Ellie.

When Chuck convinces his Dad to come home with him we get a wonderful scene with Ellie as she remembers the last thing her Dad promised her was to make pancakes for dinner and he never returned. I love when they all gather in the living room and Stephen mentions that he had a hand in inventing parts of their television and smartphones and was never given credit. Chuck and Ellie just shake their heads, they think their Dad is a little nuts with these claims. He even mentions that he once went to school with Ted Roark (Chevy Chase), the electronics guru of Roark Instruments. Stephen explains that Ted Roark stole all of his ideas and profited from them, leaving him with nothing. When he sets a flyer on the table for Ted Roark's new operating system being unveiled Chuck flashes on it.

Beckman wants Chuck to go into Roark Instruments as an employee to see what Roark has to do with Fulcrum. Sarah tells Chuck that he will even go to the interview as himself with his real qualifications, Chuck is excited when he arrives for his interview in a great scene where he starts to dream what his life would have been like if he had tried to get a job there right after Stanford instead of the Buy More. The thing Chuck has to keep reminding himself of though is that it's just a cover, it's not real. I love when Jeff and Lester see Chuck winning the job outside and immediately call Morgan to tell him that his friendship is over now that Chuck has a new job. Morgan can't help but let the news out when Chuck and Sarah arrive home just in time for dinner. Stephen is bummed that his son has taken a job for the jerk that stole all of his ideas.

When Chuck shows up for his first day on the job, Sarah and Casey are there to try and steal the source code for the operating system that may contain a Fulcrum virus. Soon it's up to Chuck to keep Ted Roark himself from launching the new operating system in a hilarious scene when Chuck steals the launch button on stage, I loved seeing Jeff and Lester even try to help Chuck out. It's also great how Stephen and Ellie are watching at home and see the entire fiasco unfold. Chuck's Dad couldn't be more proud and Ellie is truly horrified.

I have to say this about Ellie, she's really obviously been through a lot, she raised Chuck when her parents were gone and now all she wants is for Chuck to meet his potential in life. At times she may come off as overly involved in his life but her brother has been her responsibility for so long that she can't help it. Poor Awesome also gets grief by siding with Stephen, Ellie has yet to forget all about his little bachelor party screw up. (It's not the poor guy's fault Ellie!) Stephen comforts Devon by telling him that Ellie just wants to know that he won't be anything like her Dad which he assures him he is not.

When Chuck figures out by comparing his map of Roark Instruments to the Intersect Plans that Orion gave him that Roark indeed has his very own Intersect, Chuck makes it his mission to find it. Sarah and Casey say that he doesn't have enough to go on to take to Beckman for permission so he chooses to go at it alone. In my favorite scene in the entire episode, Chuck suits up in a full tactical outfit with twin Tranq Guns. I love when Chuck points his tranq gun at Casey and he's offended, "At least have the decency to threaten me with a real firearm!" Hilarious.

When Chuck arrives, he has to rescue his Dad who looks to be trying to get Chuck his job back which is completely ridiculous, Chuck ran on stage at a huge event and stole the bosses button! But it's all a cover anyway, it turns out that Stephen J. Bartowski is actually ORION! I love the reveal when Stephen closes the doors on Agent Vincent, again played by Arnold Vosloo and gets the drop on him, Chuck stands there dumbfounded. Stephen explains that he didn't invent the entire Intersect. Only the really cool parts. It's wonderful when Stephen explains to Chuck that he had to leave Chuck and Ellie in order to protect them. There was a reason for their abandonment. Stephen takes Chuck to Roark's Intersect where he will attempt to remove the Intersect from Chuck's brain once and for all, unfortunately it doesn't work. It seems Roark has lured them there so he can use Orion to get it to work. Chuck is crushed when his Father must again leave him in order to save him.

This episode had some great songs, Highschool Hoodlums by The Datsuns, Around the Bend by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Luisa's Bones by Crooked Fingers and Daddy's Gone by Glasvegas.

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Again, if you would like to read some reviews of this episode, we have Alan Sepinwall's review, Eric Goldman's and even one by AV Club which I decided to include after reading it, they loved it. Hehe.

At the end of the episode Chuck tells General Beckman that it should be them that conduct the search for Orion because Orion is his own Dad and they are the best! Casey agrees but Sarah thinks that Chuck will just put himself in harms way again. Beckman gives them the assignment because they all know that once Fulcrum has their own Intersect there will be no stopping them. There's a great moment with Ellie and Devon, he made her pancakes and he tells her that once again, her Dad has gone but he will never leave her, he will always be there for her. It's a great moment and Chuck tells Ellie not to count their Dad out yet. Dang it, why can't they tell Ellie the truth! It just seems cruel. And then we see Stephen Bartowski hard at work on the Intersect in the clutches of Fulcrum.

What a great episode, we got to meet Chuck's Dad and we learned that he was also part of the Spy World and the much bigger picture of things to come. I can't wait to finish Season Two and I thank everyone for listening to the podcast and reading this blog. Thank you.

Until Then, watch more Chuck.

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S2Ep18 Vs The Broken Heart -- The Chuck Series Companion

Covering Season Two Episode Eighteen of the Television Series Chuck, Chuck Versus the Broken Heart - Watch the Episode, Listen to the Show! - Subscribe on iTunes!

S2Ep18 Vs The Broken Heart

Chuck Versus The Broken Heart

On November 1st, 2013 I wrote my first real post on the blog, it was all about sharing my love of the television series Chuck because it had just appeared on Netflix, people now had a place to watch Chuck all over again not to mention the many people who would discover Chuck for the first time and be able to binge the entire series. I had the idea of doing this podcast, to cover every single episode of the show and give people a place to go after they watched each episode of Chuck. I remember having this wanting feeling for a place to share my love for this series, a series that had brought me so much joy. With this show I can share how each and every episode of Chuck makes me feel. It may not be for everybody but for anyone out there that is looking for a place to mutually appreciate Chuck, you are in the right place.

Now cut to yesterday, it's November 2016 and Netflix and Warner's deal for Chuck has expired and the show is no longer on Netflix *Update* - Chuck is now available to stream on Amazon Prime! It's a real bummer. Yes, I own all five seasons on Blu Ray but now I'm spoiled, I had access to every episode on my phone and on my tablet and on my Xbox, I had access to Chuck whenever I was craving it because let's face it, Chuck is that friend we need when we are feeling down, when we are under the weather and when maybe the world is just too ugly and we want to escape it for a spell. I need Chuck whenever and wherever I can have it so I decided to digitally purchase seasons 1-3 on Amazon Streaming using a gift card I received for my birthday (I'll purchase seasons 4-5 soon). Believe me it was worth it. It may not be right for you, perhaps copies on DVD and Blu Ray would be better, in fact you get many cool extras with those and they are well worth the money spent. But for those of you out there that can't afford that right now just know that the Chuck Series Companion podcast isn't going anywhere. I will continue to cover each and every episode of Chuck until I have covered all 91 episodes. With this episode Chuck Versus the Broken Heart (How Apropos btw with the series vanishing from Netflix) it is my 31st episode of the series, so you know what that means? 60 episodes to go! So let's get cracking!

On the previous episode of Chuck, General Beckman couldn't help but notice Agent Sarah Walker's rebellious nature when it comes to Chuck's well being. At the end she ordered Casey to hand over everything he had on the two under surveillance. Well it seems what she saw has warranted a 49b! Special Agent Alex Forrest (Tricia Helfer) arrives to watch Sarah in action as Chuck's handler and report back to Beckman if she's doing a decent job. We'll get back to that later.

We all know that Ellie and Devon are getting married soon, it's been there in the background of the season slowly building, we've been introduced to Awesome's parents, we know that Chuck has been searching for their Father to walk Ellie down the aisle to no avail but now it's time for Awesome's Bachelor Party! When the episode begins in what looks like an abduction, Chuck is bound and gagged by Jeff, Lester and Morgan. Seriously they are so lucky that Casey didn't shoot them although I'm not sure Casey would have felt that bad about it. It turns out the guys have never been to a bachelor party. "A bachelor party is a mythical place where booze and women are free -- it's Xanadu!" So says Jeff but Chuck just wants to go to his room and study up on the schematics for Fulcrum's Intersect. So back to that 49b, General Beckman shows Chuck a quick montage of his feelings for Sarah and soon we're introduced to Alex Forrest which is a reference to the Glen Close character from Fatal Attraction which I didn't pick up on until after I had finished recording the episode. D'oh!

The Team's new mission is to gain access to a heart that will be implanted in a bad guy that is usually hiding in an Afghani cave, he's here in California for a heart procedure and Beckman wants the team to implant a bug so that they can track him back to bad guy central. Sounds simple enough but the procedure is taking place at Ellie and Devon's Hospital and Devon has a key card to get Casey into the room where they keep the heart transplant. Schew! Just how are they going to get a hold of that key card when Chuck won't let Agent Forrest tranq Awesome? That's right, bachelor party in the Buy More!

While the boys are busy kidnapping Awesome for his party, downstairs in Castle Agent Forrest has deemed that Sarah has gotten too involved with Chuck to be a proper Handler to the Asset and is immediately terminated by General Beckman. Noooooo! I love that before Sarah leaves she enters Chuck's Dad into the database to help Chuck find his Dad. During the hilarious bachelor party sequence Jeff and Lester bring Subway sandwiches and it turns out Jeff has hired his own sister and her friends for some exotic dancing. Yikes! Keep in mind that Lester is taking pictures of the entire party and we'll get back to that later. When Casey can't find the key card in Devon's wallet Agent Forrest decides to take matters into her own hands by posing as a Cop Stripper and cuffing him. When she can't seem to manipulate Devon she goes ahead and tranqs him to Chuck's horror. Agent Forrest has gone too far, it also painful here because Casey goes along with it, you just want him to side with Chuck and Sarah but he does the good soldier thing and pulls off the mission.

Naturally Chuck is extremely upset when he finds out Sarah has been given her walking papers because Sarah never would have tranq'd Devon but there's nothing to be done, the decision has been made. When Devon wakes up the next day with a massive headache and realizes his key card is gone, he's pretty upset but not as upset as Ellie wondering why he didn't have his shirt on and why he can't remember anything. It becomes much worse when she visits Morgan at the Buy More to get answers to discover Jeff and Lester admiring the photos of the party he took involving Devon passed out with Agent Forrest with her hands all over him. Uh oh.

Now with the key card in their possession they are able to implant the bug into the bad guys's heart but it's immediately detected by his henchman who decides it must've been the surgeon who performed the procedure a doctor Devon Woodcomb. Luckily Chuck is there to pose as Awesome and be abducted instead. See that? Chuck doesn't even think of his own well being here, his first instinct is to leave Devon out of danger.

When Sarah goes to deliver the information she found out about Chuck's Dad she realizes that he's been abducted where Casey and Alex Forrest hadn't noticed because they were too busy polishing their guns but they realize that something is amiss when the bug in the heart stops broadcasting. They track Chuck to a bank vault which is the only place that can block the bug that's in the guy's heart. I love this whole sequence as the bad guy is trying to kill Chuck but then forgets why he's angry at Chuck because of all of the laughing gas filling the room. It's also great the way that Chuck finds out the whereabouts of which cave the main baddie is hiding in and Sarah has shown Agent Forrest how to properly protect Chuck while also saving the day.

This episode has a ton of songs in it, first we hear Hearts and Minds by Matt Pond PA when Chuck wakes up for the day. Jump Around by House of Pain when the bachelor party is getting started, Love Game by Lady Gaga when the female entertainment arrives. Bottle Pop by The Pussycat Dolls when Agent Forrest arrives to arrest Awesome and Turnin Me On by Keri Hilson & Lil Wayne when she starts her seduction. Bite Hard by Franz Ferdinand when Sarah's driving and during the hilarious gun cleaning montage with Agent Forrest and Casey. Finally the episode wraps up with Blood Bank by Bon Iver.

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This episodes review by Alan Sepinwall clued me in on a reference to Spies Like Us that I didn't even pick up on while Eric Goldman's review praised the episode. And finally another AV Club review. I've said it before but the reason I include these links is because when I was originally re-watching Chuck I wanted a place to read other peoples opinions of each episode so I thought I would share them with you too.

I love the moment at the end when General Beckman is about to reprimand Sarah, Chuck speaks up for her but then she cuts him off and Casey interjects to let him speak. Sarah may care and may be too involved emotionally but Chuck's an emotional guy and that's why they work so well together, she indeed knows how to handle Chuck. Agent Forrest is like having two Caseys, that may work in a fight but it will screw up everything else, especially Chuck's life not to mention Ellie and Awesome's relationship. There will be residual damage after this, Ellie doesn't think she can trust Devon and that sucks because the guy loves her and he didn't do anything wrong. It's sad when she catches Chuck placing Devon's key card in his bag, it looks like he's helping out his boy, Bro Code and all that but in reality he's just trying to keep the spy life from damaging his family any further. Sarah is there to the rescue though, she takes Chuck to meet his Dad in a great moment, he knocks and then... We have to wait until the next episode to find out.

Thank you for listening to the podcast and reading this blog. I'll be back soon with another exciting episode of The Chuck Series Companion.

Until then, watch more Chuck!

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S2Ep17 Vs The Predator -- The Chuck Series Companion

This Episode of the Chuck Series Companion covers Season Two Episode Seventeen of the Television Series Chuck, Chuck Versus the Predator - Watch the Episode, Listen to the Show! - Subscribe on iTunes!

S2Ep17 Vs The Predator

Chuck Versus the Predator

"It would be unprofessional not to." Shoot them, that is. Fulcrum Agent Vincent Smith has been tracking Orion for the past three years and it only took Chuck one episode to find him. Vincent played by Arnold Vosloo doesn't give up easily after he and other Fulcrum agents are defeated by a Predator Drone sent to their location. When the episode begins, we see that the Buy More has been Toilet Papered by those jerks at the Beverly Hills Buy More, Barclay and his well dressed goons, don't think that the Burbank Buy More deserves to carry the new Roark 7 gaming laptop and not theirs. Instead of retaliating, Big Mike chooses to keep calm and collected because after all, that is the Buy More way.

When Orion contacts Chuck at the store, he realizes that he must tell Sarah and then General Beckman. It turns out Orion is sending Chuck one of his computers and the General wants it before anyone else gets their hands on it because Orion's computers are dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Cut to -- Jeff and Lester with the computer that they think is the Roark 7. I love Jeff's Office set up in the Buy More restroom, it is surprisingly nice. Lester has brought Morgan into the fold to show him the computer. When they boot it up, they think it's some kind of combat simulation game like War Games which is awesome, I love when Chuck references our favorite 80's films. They think they are playing a game in which they are sending a Predator Drone to the Buy More to blow it up. The only problem with that is that is actually what is happening.

Casey thinks that Orion is sending a drone to kill Chuck but they quickly figure out who the real culprits are when it changes its target to the Beverly Hills Buy More. When Big Mike confiscates the laptop also believing it to be the Roark 7 gaming laptop it's up to the team to steal it back. It turns out that Jeff and Lester have the same idea as well as Agent Vincent. In a hilarious scenario at night in the Buy More, Emmett Milbarge is on watch when each team infiltrates. Vincent is a quiet cool professional telling Chuck that it's "Hilarious" that they are both stealing the computer at the same time in a deadpan way that makes his character so interesting. My favorite moment besides Emmett pepper spraying Jeff and Lester is Casey claiming that he had to punch out Emmett. It turns out though that it was totally necessary because Vincent now has Chuck at gunpoint. This leads to a great exchange when Chuck has to explain that they can't put down their weapons when they aren't carrying any guns. Vincent wonders why would you order them not to carry guns? I know, right! Well it turns out that Casey didn't listen to Chuck anyway and he shoots Vincent who then poisons himself and chokes to death in front of Chuck who really didn't need to see that.

When General Beckman won't let Chuck look at the laptop he can't believe it, she's more concerned with how a Fulcrum Agent knew about it, she orders Chuck on lock-down until she can arrive to personally oversee the operation. Chuck is contacted by Orion who tells him he can't trust the CIA. Chuck escapes to retrieve that laptop and Agent Vincent awakens, it turns out that he took a Fulcrum class on how to survive Blow fish toxin -- sounds like a fun class. "Not really." There's that classic Vincent wit again. There's a great moment when Vincent and Chuck go to meet Orion at the rendezvous point and Vincent tells him that he's heard of Agent Carmichael and he even tells him he's done a good job getting Orion to come out of the woodwork. When Orion shows up Fulcrum is there to capture him and just before Vincent is about to kill Chuck, Casey and Sarah save the day. We see Fulcrum escaping with who we believe to be Orion on a helicopter, Orion sends another Predator Drone which shoots it out of the sky. Orion is dead, Chuck couldn't save him and he is heartbroken. Orion was going to help Chuck get the Intersect out of his head.

When Big Mike and the Buy Morons head to the Beverly Hills Buy More it's hilarious when Emmett does the domino gag with his bat swing, sure we've seen it before on other shows but that doesn't make it less funny. I also love just how awful Emmet's face looks after Casey punched him. It's hilarious that they get revenge on the wrong people, trashing their store because it's the Buy More way and this is how they do things in Burbank.


This episode was pretty light in the song department if you compare it to other episodes of Chuck, first we had Making Love out of Nothing at All by Air Supply in a very disturbing scene with Big Mike and Bolonia as Morgan is in his bedroom and he can hear everything. Then we have Amazing Life by Matt Pond PA.

Listen to the Podcast Episode: S2Ep17 Vs the Predator

Alan Sepinwall's review of this episode is a little too picky for my tastes and his predictions of Chuck one day working at the Orange Orange are hilarious, thank God, he never actually wrote this show. Then we have Eric Goldman's review and he thought the episode was amazing and I have to agree. Finally, we have AV Club's review in which they gave this episode an A. 

Chuck asks the General if she even wants him to get the Intersect out of his head and she says no. She needs Chuck now more than ever before because they are in a war with Fulcrum and they are losing. The only advantage they seem to have is Chuck and she's not going to let that advantage go. It's time for Chuck to become a real spy. Wow, I'm ready for it too. It's funny watching this series multiple times, I have to think back and try to remember how I felt when I first watched it. I was bummed we didn't get to find out more about Orion before he died and at the same time, I knew for sure I never actually wanted Chuck to have the Intersect removed from his head because that might mean that there would be no more story. There's a great moment at the end when Chuck comes home and he finds that Orion left him a message and schematics for the Intersect, he needs to study them if he hopes to get it out of his head, Sarah shows up to see if Chuck still trusts them, he still trusts her but I don't think he trusts Beckman or the CIA at all.

Well guys, I hated to be away for so long and I'm hoping to wrap up season two in the next few months. I'm even hoping to have some guests on for the season finale. I want to thank everyone for their patience and hang in there because a new episode will follow soon.

Until then, watch more Chuck!

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S2Ep16 Vs The Lethal Weapon -- The Chuck Series Companion

Covering Season Two Episode Sixteen of the Television Series Chuck, Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon - Watch the Episode, Listen to the Show! - Subscribe on iTunes!

S2Ep16 Vs The Lethal Weapon

Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon

Agent Cole Barker has been captured by Fulcrum and he's being tortured while continuously being asked what he knows about Perseus (It's the dude from Clash of the Titans obviously, Fulcrum. Sheesh) and their favorite question, "Who is the Intersect?" -- Cole is a bad ass though, he's not going to let a blow to his rib cage with a steel pipe intimidate him, right? Ouch.

Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah are sharing a bed, their cover is now of a reunited couple who will soon move in together. Chuck though, worries that Sarah may have already fallen for Cole, he's a super spy and Chuck can't help but notice that Sarah is rather distracted. Ellie on the other hand, knows none of this or any of Chuck's spy life, she's eager to get these two kids into a home together and get ready for phase two of their relationship (or is that phase three? Pun intended. Hehe).

There's a great moment where Ellie jokes with Sarah about getting rid of some of Chuck's belongings because let's face it, she wants Chuck to grow up. She wants to start with his Tron poster until Chuck reminds her that their Father gave it to him. The mood instantly turns somber until Sarah changes the subject wondering what Morgan thinks about Chuck moving in with her instead of him. One problem, he hasn't broken the news to Morgan yet.

Morgan is already banning Jeff and Lester from any future parties at their soon to be bachelor pad when he catches them making fun of him to the entire Buy More staff. Does anyone work at this place? Don't answer that, I already know the answer. Before Chuck can let Morgan down gently, he's swooped up by Casey and taken to Castle. The CIA has failed to locate Agent Barker so they are putting Chuck on lock-down at a secure facility before Fulcrum shows up at their underground base. The alarm is tripped but fear not, it's only Cole Barker, he's escaped and he looks like crap. I love Chuck's reluctance to believe that Cole could defeat nine fulcrum bad guys to escape. He knows that Cole is awesome but c'mon, does he have to be THIS awesome? The answer is yes, Chuck.

Beckman orders Chuck and Cole to stay in Castle while Casey and Sarah go to a fancy shindig at the Swiss Consulate looking for a man Codenamed: Perseus. There are some great moments here as Chuck desperately tries to work in some Sarah compliments as Cole bombards her with constant comments on her beauty. Chuck also takes the time to point out some nice hor d'oeuvres on a passing tray to Casey. It's not long before Fulcrum agents spot Casey and Sarah as they have now found Perseus, a one Doctor Busgang Robert Picardo. When Chuck and Cole lose contact, Cole explains to Chuck that you don't try to be a hero you just do what has to be done. There's a great moment when Cole does something that Sarah and Casey have never done, he gives Chuck a gun!

I love later on when Chuck shows Casey his gun and Casey proclaims that they are all going to die. He's nearly correct when Chuck gets his leg stuck in the window and drops the pistol, only for it to fire and hit Dr. Busgang in the leg. Poor guy, he was only helping Fulcrum because he thought they were the real CIA. Cole takes a bullet for Sarah and Chuck feels even more inferior and what makes it worse is that Cole is actually a decent guy, he even refers to Chuck as 'Buddy'. He's genuinely concerned about him when Chuck complains about his leg. So Fulcrum gets away and so does Busgang and all Chuck has to show for it is a hurt ankle.

                                         "We're dead, Bartowski's got a gun."

Back at the Buy More, Anna found Morgan's Apartment Lease papers in the store fax machine and now she thinks Morgan was going to surprise her with an apartment. Now Morgan is screwed, he has no other choice than accepting Jeff and Lester's help. Dear God, no. Their idea is to repulse Anna so much that she will think twice about moving in with him. They try Wii Tennis which doesn't work, even with a sweaty Jeff trying to put his arm around her. He tries a Morgannuptual demanding only String Cheese in their household. This doesn't work either. I loved when Morgan says she will probably have to put down her pet, Chico. Anna's not having any of it, she's too excited looking for Ikea furniture to be repulsed. Later on, Chuck asks Morgan what the hell he's doing, trying to repulse Anna? Anna is in to him, why is he trying to ruin it? He needs to seize the day, there's this girl who's into him and he needs to decide if this is what he wants. The time is now, Morgan! I love that Chuck is in the dark here, sure he's giving Morgan great advice but he has no idea that Morgan is trying to repulse Anna because she thinks they are moving in together. It's nice to have Chuck not know what's going on for a change.

When Chuck returns home, Ellie and Devon -- who are doctors -- immediately notice his limp and rush him to the hospital and it's there he sees Dr. Busgang. Chuck pursues and is followed by Fulcrum. I love the moment when Busgang is in awe of Chuck's ability to flash and he seems genuinely sympathetic to Chuck's plight. Chuck flashed on the name ORION and Busgang explains that Orion created the Intersect but before he has a chance to tell Chuck more, he's killed by the same Fulcrum Agent that tortured Cole. Cole repays the favor by tackling him before he can kill Chuck but Cole takes another bullet. Jeez Cole. This time Sarah saves them and once again, Chuck is competing for sympathy from Sarah with Cole. It's a pretty funny moment when Sarah asks, "Are you okay?" and then improvises, "Both of you?" But Chuck knows she meant, Cole.

This episode had some great music, it opened with God & Suicide by Blitzen Trapper and then we got to hear an awesome cover of Walk Like an Egyptian by The Puppini Sisters and finally Signs by Bloc Party.

Listen to the Podcast Episode: S2Ep16 Vs The Lethal Weapon

Alan Sepinwall enjoyed the episode in his review but he thinks he found some plot holes. Plot holes in Chuck? I think not, surely you must be mistaken Sir! Eric Goldman dug the episode in his review and AV Club gave Lethal Weapon a B-. B Minus!?! How dare they!

When the Team returns to Castle, they are commended by General Beckman. I love when Cole tells Casey that he didn't take out nine bad guys, it was actually twelve -- he just doesn't like to boast. He then says to Chuck that he is the most SPECIAL agent that he has ever worked with. Casey guffaws at this. Chuck leaves Sarah and Cole to say goodbye to each other, he doesn't want to get in the way of their good vibes they have for each other. Now I am saying Chuck feels this way, it doesn't mean that it's actually true. Cole has indeed fallen for Agent Sarah Walker but she's just not into him and she finally breaks it to him. He finally realizes that her heart has been set on Chuck the entire time. Agent Barker loses the girl to Chuck Bartowski, indeed.

Now the episode isn't over yet, Morgan gently breaks it to Chuck that he can't move in with him because he's moving in with Anna. Chuck is genuinely happy for him. He looks on as Morgan and Anna kiss in the break room, wondering if he will ever have that himself. When he arrives at the courtyard fountain, where he and Sarah have shared many moments. Sarah explains that Cole and her aren't happening, he's a great guy but she belongs there. He seizes the opportunity to tell her that he can't move in with her, because it would just be torture to him. He's crazy about her and it would destroy him, pretending. He then promises her that one day he's going to get the Intersect out of his head and when he does he's going to get the girl. She understands. He has no time to explain this to Ellie as he makes his way to his room and takes the Tron poster off the wall. You know the one that Ellie wants him to get rid of because it's a sign of his stagnant life and his youth. It was given to him by his missing Father and it means a lot to him. He turns it over to reveal that he has mapped out everyone he has encountered since getting the Intersect in his head. He writes down the word ORION because he knows that this is it. Orion is the key, the key to getting the Intersect out of his head.

Thank you for reading and listening to the Chuck Series Companion. It doesn't matter how long I am away from Chuck, when I sit down to watch Chuck again, those happy feelings return. I love Chuck and I hope that this Blog and Podcast prove it.

Watch more Chuck!

Until then...

The Jastrom