Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chuck vs The Truth

It's killing Chuck having to lie to the people that he loves, little white lies to his sister Ellie and to his best friend Morgan are taking their toll on him and his conscience. When Lou walks in, Chuck strikes an instant flirtation with her *Boom* instant chemistry. Now what is Chuck to do? He already has a girlfriend Sarah, sure she's not really his girlfriend (although he would really like her to be), she's his undercover CIA Handler protecting her asset but Chuck can't tell that to anyone, not even a girl he wants to date. Quite a pickle that Chuck is in.

To make matters worse, Awesome can't help but notice that Chuck and his supposed Girlfriend have yet to do the deed. Mind your own business Awesome, will you? Sarah now wants Chuck to pretend to sleep with her to protect their cover but all that Chuck can think about is the girl he just met, Lou. At least Lou can show feelings, unlike Sarah. I honestly think that Chuck has preferable feelings for Sarah, feelings that he is willing to share with her but he can't and it is driving him nuts. The problem is she can't be honest with him, it's part of her life as a Spy, as a handler. She simply can't fall in love with the Asset, it's unprofessional. But to hell with that, look at the expression on her face when Chuck is talking to Lou in the parking lot and later when he visits Lou in her sandwich shop (Which by the way makes her a dream girl being a Sandwich Entrepreneur).

This is also the episode that we have to say farewell to Harry Tang played by C.S. Lee. What a great character actor he is, I will always wonder where Harry Tang is and what he's up to, and what lower rung employees he is torturing. This is also the last known sighting of Sarah's Wienerlicious Boss - Scooter. I have a theory that he is buried on some back lot in Burbank, perhaps Sarah just couldn't handle him constantly getting into her business or like Harry maybe one day he saw too much and he is now Harry's neighbor in Oahu. It's funny going back to the first season I am always surprised when Scooter shows up, 'Oh yeah, I forgot that guy exists' I think. I assume it was easier for the CIA to purchase the Wienerlicious location for Sarah to operate out of than dealing with a by-the-book ass-kiss like Scooter.

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This episode wasn't as jam packed with songs as Alma Mater was but the ones that were used were very effective like Ain't I been good to You -- The Isley Brothers, Toxic -- Britney Spears and Fresh Feeling -- The Eels.

When I read Alan Sepinwall's recap of 'Truth' I was so disappointed in myself that I missed the use of the Great Escape theme by Elmer Bernstein in the episode. My Dad being a Movie Composer nut who bombarded my childhood with motion picture soundtracks would be deeply saddened by my failure. You should also check out Eric Goldman's recap. I hadn't ever read Goldman's Chuck recaps before starting this blog but I am having a blast reading his takes on each episode of Chuck.

When I first started this podcast and blog I started with a question, "Why do I love this show so much?" I have answers but not THE answer. Is it Chuck himself, the part goofball, part Geek/Nice guy reluctant hero? Is it the Spy World and the cool gadgets? Is it the Comedy? This show does indeed make me laugh. Is it Sarah? The beautiful very capable spy who is easy on the eyes or is it a love of all of the characters? I think it's a mixture of all of the above. Perhaps after I cover more Chuck I will know the answer. I think about it from time to time while I am watching the show, stuff that makes me laugh and smile and makes me feel good and warms my heart.

There are so many great Chuck Episodes ahead of me to cover on the podcast that I get excited and I have to calm down. One episode at a time, One at a time.

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  1. “Mind cheater. I saw you.” So much fun how Morgan says that. (And great choice to open up your podcast with.) I very much hope that I’m presented with an opportunity to use that line on a friend someday, remember the line and deliver it just as Morgan did. It was too bad Ally Adler was lost as writer, she had some strong episodes.

    Rachel Bilson was enjoyable as Lou and the Lou-Chuck brief relationship storyline was well done for showing the strain that Chuck is under.

    The scene when Sarah, Chuck and Casey are waiting at the elevator and Chuck first comments on Sarah’s beauty and then on Casey’s chin chiseled by Michelangelo is a big laugh moment for me. Zach’s deliver is perfect.

    I enjoy seeing Sarah Lancaster get an opportunity to shine (doesn't happen a lot). This episode gave her a good amount of screen time with dramatic and comedic moments (all done well).

    A bit cliché but the scene with Chuck bedside talking to an unconscious Ellie delivers the emotions without laying it on too thick. And then later when he gives her the antidote when both Sarah and Casey demand he take it, that’s a great demonstration of the virtue of Chuck. Good storytelling.

    You noted Sarah calling Casey her partner. I love that. There are moments sprinkled throughout the series where Sarah or Casey bond that put a smile on my face. I really enjoy those little heartwarming nuggets when we get them.

    And how great is the ending done with Chuck going to Sarah, talking about crossing items off his list, a hint of a smile plays on his face and you are thinking he is going to ask her out or kiss her and instead he breaks up with her. And then you learn she could resist the truth serum followed by the expression of regret/sadness on her face as she sees Chuck with Lou from afar. I feel like this is the moment in the series when I first watched that began to set the hook with me and making me realize that I cared about what happens between Chuck and Sarah (which feeling was solidified with the ending in the next episode).