Friday, April 17, 2015

Chuck versus The Crown Vic

Apparently way back in 2007 this was the last episode of Chuck for the year. Many people hoped that Chuck would return with 12 more episodes but no one knew if that was to be because of the looming Writer's Strike. It turns out that it wasn't meant to be as there were only two more episodes after this. I don't remember knowing any of this back then but now I know that when all is said and done that it doesn't really matter much because we did indeed get a Chuck Season 2. Thank God.

But first, let's talk about Crown Vic. Casey's dream car. I loved the car washing sequence to the tune of Giving My Love Up To You -- Henry Turner's Crystal Band, such a great moment. We know that John Casey loves his job, he loves shooting people, he loves guns, he loves serving his Country, trimming his Bonsai Tree and he loves his car. It's a shame that he had to lose it but it was totally necessary to save the day. I think Casey understood but still wanted to kill Chuck, but understood.

In this episode we have a bedridden Sarah, she has chosen to stay and do her job. She did not run off with Bryce and I'm really not sure how hard it was to stay, but I do know that she knew that if she did stay she needed to figure out how to handle the asset, Chuck. Her feelings for Chuck were totally screwing up her head and she needed to get everything back in order. Her first action was to tell Chuck that she was here to do the job that she was assigned. That explanation might work for some people, but not for Chuck. He poked and prodded more asking her if kissing him had anything to do with actual feelings for him. She didn't answer only saying, it would never happen again. Chuck still didn't have an answer and it was frustrating him. It was funny to see him so jealous of Sarah's flirting with their target, Lon Kirk though.

There's a great moment when Morgan is embarrassing himself meeting Anna's parents at the Marina where he sees Sarah with Kirk, he is applying lotion to her bikini-clad body and Morgan immediately calls Chuck. As Chuck hears Morgan's description as to what is transpiring on Kirk's boat, Chuck can't help but picture Sarah flipping her hair, laughing at everything that Kirk says. This drives him nuts and he has to get to the Marina quickly. We of course know that this Schlub Kirk is putty in the hands of a professional Spy like Sarah and that Lon Kirk means nothing to her, he's just her mark but Chuck's feelings for Sarah have indeed made him a tad crazy jealous. That's what love can do to people. Lester, earlier in the episode points out that who indeed would want to be in love? Just look at poor sad sack Morgan. Morgan at the time believed that Anna Wu was cheating on him. Chuck nodded at Lester's assessment, who indeed would choose to feel like this? Chuck, that's who.

                                                "Always bet on black."

Listen to the Podcast Episode: S1Ep11 Vs The Crown Vic

This episode also has one of my favorite things that Chuck the tv show always does right, Christmas. How awesome does that Buy More Christmas, excuse me, Holiday Party look? I totally want to go! Seeing Chuck do the robot for a moment to Christmas in Hollis -- Run DMC was totally worth the price of admission. Just be sure and don't drink Jeff's Eggnog, okay? Also, I cannot fail to mention seeing Chuck and Sarah make up at the end and agree to be friends (for now?) dancing to I Melt With You -- Modern English, what a delight that was cut short when we hear that soon it will be time for Casey to 'take care' of Chuck. Gulp. What a great way to end the episode, both happy with warm feelings and dread in the pits of our stomachs.

Check out Alan Sepinwall's recap of Crown Vic, also be sure and read the comments section as quite a few people were beginning to really fall for Chuck, although they still had problems with Morgan. Poor Morgan. He will win them over eventually, I predict. I am really enjoying reading Eric Goldman's recaps for each episode. Check out his recap of Crown Vic.

That's it for this episode, thanks again for reading and listening to the podcast and letting me share my love of this TV Show with you. Up next is the penultimate episode of the season and soon we will be wrapping up season one. It's hard to believe how fast I've blown through this season. I hope that you stick around for more.

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  1. "Pimp Juice" and then "Holly Jolly Christmas." That is some serious musical diversity in the first few minutes of the show.

    Casey's mental torment of Chuck as looks with worry/trepidation at the Weinerlicious is darkly funny. Is this the first time the Casey grunts have been openly acknowledged by the characters? Love Chuck's joke about the numbering of the types of grunts.

    The spastic colon running joke is fun each time it comes up.

    Alright, the whole no one says 100,000 until the wager is made by Chuck is a bit too forced –really no one is going to say 100,000 to Chuck who is obviously out of his element at the casino?-- but Chuck's reaction and asking about a mulligan is humorous so I'll give it a pass.

    It's just no fun watching standoffish/distant Sarah. :-) It does make the make up scene at the end (complete with goofy dance from both Chuck and Sarah) satisfying ...mostly (as friends? Come on).

    Casey washing the Crown Vic, wearing his pro-gun t-shirt and gushing about the car to Chuck is on the very short list of great Casey scenes for the series.

    "Quite the yachtsman himself. One Popeye the Sailorman. Anyone? Huh? Hoo hoo." Ha! Love that line.

    Really enjoy Baldwin in this episode. Baldwin, does a great job this episode of portraying Casey's guarded, stoic fa├žade yet showing just enough to hint at the emotions simmering underneath in several scenes -washing the car, "the choice we made … is the right choice," the Crown Vic being blown up, that strained “yeah” response to General B. All great.

    And that last moment with the call between Casey and General B sets up great suspense for the upcoming episodes.