Sunday, May 24, 2015

Chuck versus The Break-Up

"Take the shot, Sarah!" There's just one problem there Bryce. If Sarah were to miss, she might hit the man she has fallen in love with. That would be one Chuck Bartowski. The asset, her asset. It's her job to protect him and it's her job to make sure that the important information in his head stays a secret. In this episode of Chuck, Bryce Larkin has shown up just in time to notice that Sarah is acting funny. He can tell that there is something off between Chuck and Sarah. Where have you been Bryce? These crazy kids have fallen for each other and they want to be together but at the same time they can't quite come out and say it. Sarah has her duty and Chuck has the Intersect. Chuck doesn't want the Intersect, he wants the girl. Sarah wants to protect Chuck but she's also fighting her feelings.

So if having feelings for Chuck puts everyone in danger including Sarah herself, what is one to do? Break up of course. Yeah well we'll see how long that lasts. Part of the fun of Chuck is watching Chuck and Sarah pine for each other, but there is also so much more. We have Casey's grunting and repeatedly calling Chuck a moron, the Buy More gang and their shenanigans and the cool spy stuff. Basically this was the show tapping the breaks on the romance for a bit while they prepared to tell some more background story and set up the big baddies for the rest of the season. I'm okay with that.

I did love watching Bryce and Sarah dance to the tune of Guaglione by Machito (Which I somehow failed to mention in the podcast, D'oh!) while Chuck looked on in horror, so threatened with the presence of Bryce. Poor Chuck has no idea that he has nothing to fear in Bryce, except for maybe when he slips him an Intersect update unawares. Sarah hints this to Chuck as he wonders to himself, how he can possibly compete with a guy like Bryce? Sarah essentially says that Chuck has got him beat in some places. I'm thinking it's her heart Chuck!

I loved how John Casey had to get the job done himself in the episode while Chuck and Sarah were busy being distracted by their feelings. Casey gets the money back, he gets Von Hayes and he shoots the Fulcrum agent. Good work, Casey! How great was the Buy More stuff with those jerk Mighty Jocks? Michael Strahan plays Mitt, the biggest jerk of them all. It's a great moment when Morgan stands up to him by pouring grape soda over his head (Morgan's favorite drink btw). I also loved how Anna Wu also shows us her martial arts skills to the music of Heart -- Barracuda, fighting for her man. Great stuff!

Listen to the Podcast Episode: S2Ep3 Vs The Break-Up

This episode had some great tuneage, Fake Empire by The National (what would eventually be the name of Josh Schwartz's production company) and the great song, Skinny Love by Bon Iver. It made that scene with Chuck and Sarah by the fountain all that much more emotional. This show always does a great job picking the right songs for the right scenes.

First we have Alan Sepinwall's recap of Break-Up where he is pleased to see what happens when the Intersect needs an update. Then, Eric Goldman's Break-Up Recap talks about the dangers of the Will-They-Or-Won't-They Storyline.

I'm really excited about the Season Two Episodes that are coming up, they are some of my favorites. This is a really special season to me. It's funny how I have this inner debate with myself on why I am doing this podcast and blog. A lot of it has to do with the sense of accomplishment I get when I put an episode to bed. Taking the time to re-watch and then thinking about the episode, then putting my thoughts down. Once all is said and done, watching this show makes me happy and it also gives me sense of closure once I have the podcast episode posted and once I am done writing about said episode. Then I know that it's time for me to move on to the next one. I don't know how interesting that is to anyone else but it's the only explanation I have right now. I just hope that if I happened to get you to watch the show and you liked it, then my mission has been accomplished. Now, it's up to you to pass on your love for Chuck to the next person.

Until then...

The Jastrom

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