Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chuck versus The Cougars

Go Cougars! We knew that Sarah Walker had secrets but we never suspected that she had an awkward phase. Sarah was once upon a time little Jenny Burton, replete with braces a bad complexion and that hair! Good lord, man. With all of that said, it was very interesting to see that Sarah had a pretty crappy childhood. Her Dad got arrested and all she had was a box of cash buried in the woods. How did she turn into Super-Spy Sarah after all of that? We'll get to that.

When Heather Chandler and Mark Ratner show up, it was great seeing how excited Chuck was to find out something, anything about Sarah. She didn't like it much though as the picture on her dresser will attest to.

Poor Sarah, she now had to attend her High School Reunion, a place filled with bad memories. Chuck sure was enjoying himself though, how great was that moment when he sees Sarah's old class picture? Priceless, "It's not that bad." He says, yeah right. We all have an embarrassing class picture out there somewhere, so we can identify.

So Lester's big idea is to let the customer name their price? Like Morgan says, it's a bad idea but so much fun to watch. My favorite scene though is Lester's panic trying to add up the dollar amount. He repeatedly yells at the adding machine, "Is this thing broken? No! No!" I'm sorry Lester but what did you expect? I don't think we're supposed to use logic here, it is the Buy More and in the Buy More we get shenanigans. I loved the old 80's movie staple of throwing a huge party and charging cover to make some much needed cash. Hello Empire Records and PCU among others. It's a great idea and since this episode is all about High School and nostalgia, what better way to re-visit this scenario than a rockin' kegger?

Listen to the Podcast Episode: S2Ep4 Vs The Cougars

How great was John Casey, DJ? He spins Mmmbop by Hanson on vinyl like no one's business. I loved when Sarah kicked Dick Duffy in the head in the parking lot and she admitted that she was working out some childhood issues. By far the best though was the big Heather Chandler shower fight to the song Smack My Bitch Up by Prodigy. This episode had some interesting music for sure as Chuck episodes tend to do but this one had lots of 'embarrassing because you liked it music' (not me though, I never liked Hanson!) like Tubthumping by Chumbawumba (I explain why I hate this song on the podcast) and Everybody (Backstreet's Back) by (sigh) The Backstreet Boys (Why God, why?). Here is the rest of the music from Cougars.

You should know the drill by now, I have some episode recaps to share with you -- The first one comes from Alan Sepinwall. His Cougars Recap is a bit nitpicky but overall he enjoyed it. He's still way too hard on Yvonne Strahovski and her fight scenes. In Eric Goldman's Recap he seems to dig everything except for the whole Buy More scenario. He doesn't believe that even Lester could be that dumb. Are you sure about that? That reminds me that I love the moment that Lester and Morgan share in Big Mikes office. Morgan hung Norman the Marlin up just in time and his kind words made Lester tear up. It was hilarious and touching just in time for Lester to quit under the pressure of being an Ass-Man. Perhaps the new assistant manager will provide even more laughs? (Indeed!)

I love when Chuck brings Sarah a raw burger for her face, and then wants to split one with her. Sarah gives him the opportunity to ask her anything and he passes on it as he knows this has been a rough episode for her (Wait, does Chuck know they're in a TV show? Mind Blown). We then get to see how the now deceased Director Graham recruited a young Jenny Burton and made her Sarah Walker, we see that she already had some skills. She had many aliases and was pretty damn good with a blade. This is the beginning of Sarah's backstory and I love it. Sarah Walker is one of my favorite characters ever and it's a joy seeing how she transforms throughout the series.

Well this was the 17th episode of the Chuck Series Companion Podcast and it's cool to see the little library of shows that is growing. Seventeen episodes is nothing though, I have 74 to go. The reason I mention this is because I took a little break between this and the previous episode. There may be times when I will have to take a break for whatever reason and I hope that listeners bare with me and stick with the show. Because I am dedicated to this podcast and blog and I will not quit until I have covered every single episode of Chuck. It will take awhile but this isn't a race, I'm going to take my time and enjoy it.

Until Then...

The Jastrom

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