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Chuck Versus The Three Words

DEA Agent Carina Miller (Mini Anden) is back and she's undercover as fiance to Karl Stromberg (Vinnie Jones) Weapons Dealer. Karl seems to have some sort of secret weapon in a locked gold case and no one seems to know exactly what it is. When Chuck innocently runs into Sarah and Carina at a nightclub they are pulled into Carina's Mission when Karl shows up and introduces himself. I love how Chuck is easily fooled by Carina's PDA with Karl and congratulates her. Sarah meanwhile is still trying to work her feelings out about Chuck. Carina immediately knows that Sarah has feelings for him and tells her it's the number one rule for being a spy. "Spies don't fall in love". I seem to remember one Roan Montgomery telling Chuck something very similar.

Meanwhile at the Buy More -- Big Mike is back! Now that Emmett has moved on. *Cough* Mike has a winning attitude about how to run the Buy More after attending the El Segundo School of Finance. Now that Morgan knows that Carina is back in town she's all that he can think about and he embellishes his relationship with her to Jeff and Lester and the rest of the Buy More. Of course Carina can't even get Morgan's name right and Jeff and Lester challenge Morgan to ask her out. They come up with the wild idea of having a courtyard housewarming party at Morgan's new place of residence which also happens to be where the Bartowskis live. Fortunately or Unfortunately it depends how you look at it, Awesome and Ellie are out of town.

When it's Mission time Chuck and Sarah pose as a happy couple but Chuck just finds himself wishing things could go back to normal with Sarah. She's aloof and concentrating on the mission. He wants to talk to her to make things comfortable between them. Carina tells Chuck the only reason she's acting like this is because she loves him and he needs to get his head into the game. Fat chance of that happening now that Chuck has heard those Three Words hence the title of the episode. There's a funny side bit with Casey being self-conscious about his age, playing Carina's young Uncle instead of her Dad. He gives an extra long speech as a delay tactic while Chuck and Sarah infiltrate Karl's vault to retrieve the weapon. I love when Chuck flashes and does all sorts of silly flips and splits like a bizarre homage to Catherine Zeta Jones from the film Entrapment. Everything goes fine until Chuck accidentally sets off the alarm and is trapped inside.

Sarah sets out to save him while Chuck unleashes all of his reasons and feelings for not going with Sarah on the train. We'll talk more about that later. Sarah saves Chuck and they happily retrieve the weapon. Sarah tells General Beckman that she thinks that she should be re-assigned because Chuck couldn't focus with her on the mission but Beckman tells her that she will just have to make it work. Sarah and Chuck have a Bo-Staff sparring session where he explains to her he can't flash because he doesn't want to hurt her, she says, "You can't hurt me Chuck." We know that she really means, he can't hurt her anymore because she's not going to let him in.

When Carina tries to turn in the weapon Karl has tracked her to the Buy More parking lot. She stashes the case with Martin, um I mean Morgan and he invites her to his awesome housewarming party. Karl finds Carina and takes her. She denies being a spy but he happens to have Chuck footage from the vault incriminating her fully. It's hilarious how exact Chuck's words are about Carina easily being able to lie and tell someone that she loves them for a mission. Karl swears he will kill Chuck too and he has Carina's party invite with the address now too. D'oh!

This episode has lots of music. First we have the song Sexy Bitch by David Guetta (Featuring Akon). Isn't this song a little sexist? I mean couldn't it have been called Attractive Female? Something like that? I mean C'mon David Guetta! Akon should have known better too *Whoever that is*. Then we have Just Like Paradise by David Lee Roth when Carina shows up to the Buy More with her hair blowing in slow motion. That Buy More Air Conditioner has some real power. Then we have a really cool song called Model Homes by In-Flight Safety during Chuck and Sarah's Bo-Staff scene. Then we have some songs that are no doubt on Jeff and Lester's playlist like That Kinda Booty by Dem Naughty Boys and Here Comes Trouble by Maino and also the song Oh My! by the Gray Kid which plays when Chuck and Morgan show up to the night club and run into Sarah.

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This week I decided to include a review by a different outlet since Alan Sepinwall reviewed Three Words in a combined review with Pink Slip on my last post. Here is a review by Den of Geek and the writer was pretty critical of all the Chuck and Sarah relationship stuff this early in the season. Then we have a nice review by Eric Goldman.

When Carina shows up to the party with Karl and his goons in tow Morgan can't believe it. Jeff and Lester call him a loser. Morgan has had it, he wants to tell Carina off right then and there but luckily he calls Chuck to get his opinion first. Luckily Chuck and Sarah and Casey are all looking for Carina. Chuck tells Morgan to play it cool. I love the bit where Jeff and Lester are afraid Karl and his henchmen are going to steal all of the women at the party so they decide to have a drink off with Jeff's Jail Juice (which is highly flammable by the way).

Their plan doesn't quite work out when Carina spikes Karl and his men's drinks with knock-out powder from her engagement ring and Jeff and Lester decide to chug it. I love all of the Jeff and Lester stuff in this episode. The strange muttering by Lester when he passes out is hilarious. Now it's Morgan's turn to tell off Carina for embarrassing him at his party. It's a great scene, he finally tells her his name is Morgan Guillermo Grimes and he also basically tells her "No." Something she's never heard before. I also love when he tells Karl's thugs to "Back up, bitches!" But unfortunately Morgan makes the same mistake as Jeff and Lester and drinks the knock-out punch but not before revealing the gold case to Karl.

Now it's a job for 'The Button' that would be one John Casey, he's the guy you call when all the odds are stacked against you. He comes out with a water hose and quickly gets rid of all of the party guests. Poor Fernando and his soggy corn dogs! First Chuck outsmarts the bad guys with a tiki torch by throwing it into the Jail Juice fountain (was that juice sanitary?). Then he talks Karl down from killing Carina by talking about bottled up feelings. It's awesome when Carina tells Karl she was falling for him and he says, "Really?" and then she kicks his ass and says, "Yeah right, stupid." Gotta love Carina. They have the case again which General Beckman tells them absolutely nothing about and we also get a nice tease of someone we will be introduced to very soon, Shaw (which will also make a nice trivia question: What is Shaw's first appearance?).

I love that Morgan wins the affection of Carina in the end. It's a hilarious scene and hopefully Morgan has enough class to never mention it to Jeff and Lester. Then finally Carina is about to leave but not before again inviting Sarah to leave with her. Sarah's good though, she's going to stay. Carina gives her something to watch, it's the Chuck footage from Karl's vault. Chuck wanted to run off with Sarah, he really did but he decided he needed to choose the greater good, he needed to choose to help people with his gift that is the new Intersect. It's a really great scene and it's a nice payoff and reason for Chuck's decision to not run off with Sarah. It's certainly one that I can understand.

Well guys, that's another Chuck Series Companion in the books and I hope that you enjoyed it. I can't wait to start on the next episode. Thank you for reading the blog and listening to the podcast. Now, time to go and watch some more Chuck and I'll see you next time!

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