Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chuck vs The Helicopter

Episode two of the Chuck Series Companion has now been completed and I am well on my way. I will get more comfortable with the format as I go on and hopefully will get some feedback along the way. I have heard from a few people which is awesome but of course, I want more. Chuck vs The Helicopter is an interesting episode in that Chuck narrates the beginning of the episode, something that I don't think ever happens again. This episode feels like the Network mandated that they must re-cap the pilot for potential viewers that missed the first episode. It makes sense but also makes you think of an alternate universe version of Chuck where Zachary Levi narrates every episode like Kristen Bell in an episode of Veronica Mars.

One thing that I will try to explain without being very confusing is that I am going to try to do a blog post of the episode that I also cover in the podcast. It will give me a chance to do some writing and possibly give a potential listener a place to see my show notes like old reviews of that particular episode of Chuck and links to my favorite songs from the episodes. Basically what I am saying is that this will be the home of the Chuck podcast and I hope that you keep coming back. I'm also having a friend design a show logo for me that will be for the iTunes feed that I hope to get going very soon. I want Chucksters and new Chuck fans to find the podcast and hopefully enjoy it.

So for right now my goal is to keep cranking out these episodes while avoiding burn out. Burn out is something that has happened before when I've been excited about personal projects, I put a lot of energy and hours into it and then I fizzle out. I want to avoid that so I will be sure and take the time to do other things while planning on future episodes. Again feedback is the way to keep me going so drop me an email or send me a voicemail, it is much appreciated. If you have never watched Chuck before I hope that the podcast encourages you to check it out, I think you will dig it.

Before I go any further here is a link to Episode 2:

S1Ep2 Vs The Helicopter

Again like the first episode I am including links to original reviews for the episode by Alan Sepinwall and Maureen Ryan. (When I can find them) I could not find a Ryan review for this episode so I am including a review found on IGN by Eric Goldman. That doesn't mean that I agree with them, I simply enjoy their enthusiasm for the series. Eventually, as you will read in these links they are critical of pacing etc. I want to say it right now and hopefully not repeat myself too often but because of my love of the tv show, Chuck, I am not overly critical. I think the show is fun and it fills my heart with a warm glow. I do not rank episodes of least to favorite either, they are all my favorite. I can re-watch any episode of Chuck at anytime and never grow sick and tired of it. This show is perfect to me, frequently over the years I would read critical reviews of a particular episode and I would get annoyed and close the browser in disgust. It's fine to be critical, I'm just saying Don't expect me to be very critical. I am basically geeking out about my favorite show while at times pointing out something that might be a tad ridiculous but always with a sparkle in my eye. I am here to have fun and I hope that you are too, Chuck brings me joy after all.

I mostly want for you to Enjoy the Show! Now here are my favorite tunes from the episode! The first song that I really dig is by the band, Spoon -- Don't be a Target and the second, The New Pornagrapher's -- Challengers. Check out the rest of the songs here.

That's it for now, see you next time!

The Jastrom

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  1. You gave Tim Jones well deserved credit; original music he composed for the show is excellent (I'm repeating myself).

    I hadn't noticed that Chuck did some narration of this episode and that it was never repeated. Interesting they didn't use that again, but as you said it was probably necessary to try to get new viewers caught up on what transpired in the pilot. (I like little tidbits like this about the show.)