Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chuck vs The Wookiee

When Carina the Undercover DEA Agent describes Sarah Walker's Cover as Dull and "If a yawn could yawn." We all know that she couldn't be more wrong but she doesn't know what we know, that Chuck and Sarah and Casey are at the beginning of an awesome journey of thrills and adventure. Who knew this could take place even in Burbank of all places? It doesn't take long though for Carina to figure out that there is something up with Sarah, she can tell that there's something about this Chuck guy. Chuck and Sarah. So what does Carina do? She tries to seduce Chuck in a hilarious scene while also breaking his heart revealing to him that Sarah did indeed have a relationship with the late Bryce Larkin.

One of my favorite amusing bits of this episode is how Morgan is immediately smitten with Carina and she must play along being undercover with a need to protect Sarah's cover. Morgan constantly calling Chuck in the middle of the night to hear of any word about him from Carina is a funny scene. It makes me feel bad for the guy when he does indeed get a kiss but not before being told that it just can't work between them. Poor heartbroken Morgan is going to binge on many a Grape Soda afterwards.

This episode is mostly about Sarah though. Sarah's been a bad-ass spy up until now and from what I can tell an exceptional spy that mostly follows orders. Now that she handles Chuck in Operation Chuck in Burbank she's being challenged for the first time in her career. Here is a guy that is a genuinely charming and nice guy whom she fully intends to protect but he's also winning his way slowly into her heart. This is the beginning of a great journey for Sarah even though she won't make a choice anytime soon, she is starting to realize that she really is liking this gig whether Carina understands or not. That's her loss.

Mini Anden as Carina did a great job and it's a testament to how great she was that she appeared later in other seasons always as a barometer as to how much Sarah had changed over time on Team Chuck. Her history of humiliating Casey in the past was also a nice touch. Another thing of note is that this is the first episode where Chuck meets General Beckman via Casey's monitor in his apartment. I love re-watching these first season episodes and catching all the firsts of the series.

Before I get to some links here is the download to the episode: S1Ep4 Vs The Wookiee

This episode's Sepinwall review is pretty lacking, I will try not to fault the guy for lumping his recap in with an episode of How I Met Your Mother but he glosses over Chuck vs the Wookiee so quickly that I thought about not even linking it. But, for consistency's sake, here is the Link. It makes me cringe the way he nitpicks at Yvonne Strahovski's fighting skills. Seriously I hope that he is embarrassed by this early assessment. As for Maureen Ryan's recaps, It looks like I can only find from Season 2 Episode 1 and on so I am at a loss until the time comes. So here instead is an Eric Goldman Recap, remember I don't necessarily agree with anything these people are saying I just think it's nice to read what someone else thinks after I finish an episode. Sometimes I smile and agree and sometimes I close my web browser in disgust cursing to the heavens, read at your own risk people. Heck, let's also check out AV Club's old reviews of Chuck, why not?

This episode had some great songs, Matt and Kim -- Yea Yeah, Matthew Dear -- Shy, Matt Pond PA -- Wild Girl and my favorite of the episode, Apartment -- Fall Into Place. A lot of Matthews involved in this episodes song choices. Eerie. There's also a strange techno song by the band Does it Offend You, Yeah? -- Weird Science that plays in the background of Senor' Wookiee Paymen's Beach House Party.

That's it guys, another fun episode of Chuck! It is silly to keep saying this with every post but I am having a blast doing this podcast and expressing just how much I love Chuck with each episode. As always I am hoping that you are enjoying these posts and this podcast and that you follow me each step of the way to episode 91 and beyond. Wait, 91 is enough. I don't need to go and put anymore pressure on myself this is already quite a commitment.

Until next time.

The Jastrom

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  1. I got a kick out of you highlighting the DJ album scratch sound (that's what it sounds like to me) that is added to Chuck's double take when seeing that Carina is the one who called for the after-hours Nerd Herd emergency. It's such a tiny thing but I always notice it when watching and think it works wonderfully for the scene.

    Slightly spoilerish if you haven't watched the entire series: It's always fun to see Casey in the early episodes and remember how a bit one dimensional he seemed (although an enjoyable presence) and wondering at that time if he was going to turn against Chuck and how that would all play out. With Sarah, her tough exterior very quickly in the show starts to show signs of being affected by Chuck. The delayed evolution of Casey's feelings ends up being one of the best surprise treats of the series.