Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chuck vs The Tango

Wow, I was so excited to continue The Chuck Series Companion that I made the latest episode 'Chuck versus The Tango' in only two days. I was really creatively inspired to keep it going. It's funny to think that before I started this show I was so conflicted with the idea to do the podcast in the first place. My love of the show Chuck is really strong but it's also really personal. I don't know why, I just love the show so much, it's entertaining, it's got spy gadgets, comedy and a great love story, not just between Chuck and Sarah but also Chuck and family, including Morgan and the Buy More.

'Tango' is really a fun episode because it's Chuck's first spy mission and it's also the birth of his alias, Charles Carmichael. We also get Chuck's new spy watch which is totally plausible with the new line of smart watches that are now available everywhere. We can all pretend to be Spies like Chuck!

I believe this is also the first appearance of Buy More employee Fernando, who's appearance instantly makes me laugh, just thinking about the time that Morgan refers to him as 'Cabbage Patch'. Fernando is played by actor Jesse Heiman who has appeared in dozens of films and television shows as a background player, watch this video - World's Greatest Extra - of many of his appearances. I think he speaks one line of dialogue in the entire series but no matter where I see this guy, he will always be Fernando, Buy More Employee.

Here is a link to S1Ep3 Vs The Tango

Now like on previous entries I will include a review by Alan Sepinwall (just click on his name) and Maureen Ryan. I don't seem to be able to find Ryan's early Chuck recaps, I will keep searching for them though. I will continue to include these when I can find them because I got a kick out of reading their recaps while I was doing my first re-watch. Eric Goldman's Review.

Like every episode of Chuck this episode has some great tunes, my favorite is by the band The National -- Slow Show. There's also a great song by Band of Horses -- The General Specific. We also get another Spoon -- Don't you Evah. Check out the rest of the songs from the episode here.

I'm having a blast doing this podcast and I hope that you are enjoying listening to them. Until then, Keep on watching Chuck.

I know I will.

The Jastrom

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  1. Nice catch on the Shawshank Redemption reference. I love the references sprinkled throughout the show and I missed that one.